A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Retrolympics is a fast-paced, arcade track and field experience that you can play with just your hands and ears. Run the 100 meter sprint, do a long jump, overcome hurdles and cycle through a slalom course to get the highest score possible!


  • Retro, PS1 inspired sounds, including character voices, and a dynamic crowd that reacts to everything you do.

  • Real-time audio effects, such as reverb make you feel like you're really in the stadium.

  • Full controller support, including vibration

  • Speaks through your screen reader or the system speech synthesizer if one isn't running

  • Detailed statistics after every game that can easily be copied for sharing with friends

Install instructions

On Windows, simply extract the game somewhere and run Retrolympics.exe. On Mac, the application is not signed, so Mac OS will refuse to run it at first. If it offers you to move the game to the trash, press cancel, bring up the context menu on the application in finder (CTRL-click or Vo-Shift-M if using VoiceOver) and hold down shift while selecting the "open" command.


Retrolympics-win64.zip 11 MB
Retrolympics-Mac.zip 13 MB

Development log


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I see what you did with that not quite remake of the PS1 logo. It was close enough that anyone who played it will know what you were going for though.

Also the running gets unnaturally fast. The hurdles, I feel like the line is too far back, and even if I take two steps past it then jump, I always land on it every single time.

I absolutely love this. The only thing I'd say is that for the herdles, sometimes I'd trip when trying to make a jump, even though I press enter in rhythm and before pressing another shift button. Weirdly, long jump does not have this issue.