Tiny update

Thanks all for your awesome feedback and score sharing!

The thing that I've seen the most is that the hurdle race is... a bit of a hurdle for many of you, so I made it slightly easier. Now, after the 5th warning beep you'll have 2 steps instead of 1 to make a jump (a single step is actually 2 presses, 1 of the left and right feet), so this should make it a bit easier to time the jumps, while still keeping the game somewhat challenging.

The other small change I have made is replacing the error handler with a custom one that displays a standard message box instead of opening a graphical window. So, if you run into an error, or if the game doesn't work at all for you, please press that coppy button and let me know what it says if an error does come up!

Lastly, please check out some of the other people's entries, there's a few really awesome gems in them so give them all your love as well! Happy gaming!


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Apr 27, 2021
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Apr 27, 2021

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